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Updating Best Practices for Management of Advanced Melanoma—Considering Current and Emerging Anti-LAG3 Combinations in the Veterans Affairs Setting

This podcast series focuses on providing Veterans Affairs clinicians with updates in the management of advanced melanoma, including consideration of anti-LAG-3 antibodies. It also provides an overview of the latest trials considering anti-LAG-3 antibodies for the management of advanced melanoma, and updates on immunotherapy approaches in clinical practice, including management of adverse events.

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The ACTIVATE Initiative:
Checkpoint Inhibition Combinations in Melanoma: Evaluating Current Therapies and the Role of Anti-LAG3 Antibodies

These podcasts are designed to help healthcare professionals assess the relationship between checkpoint inhibition and immunopathology in advanced melanoma, update them on the latest clinical data with anti-LAG3 antibody combinations in advanced melanoma, and provide strategies to optimize the safety of combination immunotherapy approaches in advanced melanoma. Additionally, healthcare professionals will be able to understand the importance of patient advocacy as we converse with a patient about their cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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